Level 3 Guide Learning Hours Survey

We are now conducting a survey of providers (please click here, or scan QR code below) on how many Guided Learning hours they expect to need for each level 3 module for us to feed into our review. As with level 2, the current level 3 diploma shows Total Qualification Time broken down per module, but when we submit the review we will need to change these to Guided Learning Hours.

Please review the following and submit your expected Guided Learning Hours (not Total Qualification Time) by April 20th.

To be clear, if, using the guidance below, you expect the GLH for any module to be 0 then please enter 0 in the form. Also, your hours should be based on how you will be delivering these modules post Covid not how many GLH you are delivering using current flexibilities.

As before:

General Condition of Recognition – Condition E7 provides information about Total Qualification Time including Guided learning.

Values for Total Qualification Time, including Guided Learning, are calculated by considering the different activities that Learners would typically complete to achieve and demonstrate the learning outcomes of a qualification. They do not include activities which are required by a Learner’s Teacher based on the requirements of an individual Learner and/or cohort. Individual Learners’ requirements and individual teaching styles mean there will be variation in the actual time taken to complete a qualification. Values for Total Qualification Time, including Guided Learning, are estimates.

Some examples of activities which can contribute to Total Qualification Time include

•              Independent and unsupervised research/learning

•              Unsupervised compilation of a portfolio of work experience

•              Unsupervised e-learning

•              Unsupervised e-assessment

•              Unsupervised coursework

•              Watching a pre-recorded podcast or webinar

•              Unsupervised work-based learning

•              All Guided Learning

Some examples of activities which can contribute to Guided Learning include:

•              Classroom-based learning supervised by a Teacher

•              Work-based learning supervised by a Teacher

•              Live webinar or telephone tutorial with a Teacher in real time

•              E-learning supervised by a Teacher in real time

•              All forms of assessment which take place under the Immediate Guidance or Supervision of a lecturer, supervisor, tutor or other appropriate provider of education or training, including where the assessment is competence-based and may be turned into a learning opportunity.

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