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IAT Education on mySociety 

We are very pleased to announce that the education aspects of the new IAT database are now fully operational. This means that all applications for IAT qualifications can be made via mySociety. MIAT, FIAT and RAnTech applications can also be made this way. 

If you are an existing member of the IAT, you can go to 

If it is your first visit, simply click on the “Log in now” button and request a new password. You will need to use the e-mail address we have registered for you on your account. If you have any problems requesting a new password, please contact the IAT administrator ( before creating a new account, as it may be that your e-mail address on your record is different to that you are trying to use. 

Once in your record, you can check your contact details – update addresses or change your password. 

If you are not a member of the IAT you should select the “Create an account” option, and set up a new record. 

Registering for IAT Qualifications 

On the left hand side of the page, you will see “IAT Qualifications”. Click on this link, and you will then see details of all the qualifications available, along with details of Providers. 

If you scroll down you will see details of any qualifications which you are studying, and the other qualifications available to you. 

Click on the “In Progress” button and you will see the status of any application, or details of units so far completed. You can also download electronic versions of certificates for any qualifications completed and certified. 

To apply for a qualification, click on the “Click to Apply” button next to the qualification you wish to study. 

You will be taken to the application process. The first screen will have details of the qualification, unit titles and a link to Providers who offer the qualification. Click on the “Apply Now” button. 

You then work your way through the application process: 

Choose your Provider 

Check you personal details 

Ensure your address is correct for posting of certificates 

Your employers details 

Your application – confirming the course 

Upload any documents to support your application – proof of prior learning, or previous level certificate 

Diversity monitoring (this is anonymous and not retained by the IAT for any purposes other than supplying anonymised details to Ofqual) 

Once all sections are complete, you simply submit your application. Your application will be sent to the IAT Administrator and to your chosen Provider. 

Your chosen Provider will then contact you to discuss starting your qualification. If you have any queries regarding the course or prior learning it is advisable to contact the Provider before submitting the application. 

If you have any queries or need further assistance, please contact the IAT Administrator or your chosen Provider. 

We wish you every success with your studies.

An illustrated version of this guide can be found here: 

Applying for Qualifications via Marvin Feb 21[74]

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