About Us

From delivering end point assessments, to creating and writing syllabuses, to moderating coursework, IAT Education is commitment to ensuring Professional Education Standards are upheld in industries such as animal care, life and laboratory science, and beyond.


For over 70 years The IAT has advanced and promoted excellence in the practice and technology of animal care and welfare. As a diploma awarding body from levels 2 to 6 (GCSE equivalent to degree level equivalent), The IAT has enhanced the standards and status of those professionally engaged in the care, welfare and use of animals in science. The IAT’s commitment to Professional Education Standards continues, as an End Point Assessment Organisation for Apprenticeship Standards, and through the establishment of IAT Education.


Recognised by OFQUAL, The Department for Education, and The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education, IAT Education is staffed and run by professionals both from industry and education, and is unparalleled in its ability to develop, assess, and moderate education qualifications and standards that are delivered through a rigorously accredited network of education providers.


Our provider partners deliver our education programs via a variety of methods, from face to face, to online, to a mixture of both, based on what is most suitable for the learner and their employer. Likewise IAT Education’s end point assessments can be conducted remotely or in person depending on the needs of the individual and their work setting.

*Relationship between IAT and IAT Education.

IAT Education (Company number 02144246) are a subsidiary of the IAT (INSTITUTE OF ANIMAL TECHNOLOGY(THE) Company number 00850083), therefore IAT are registered as persons of significant control for IAT Education. IAT Education are a separate legal entity financially and therefore employ and contract to individuals directly. The Apprenticeship activities carried out by IAT Education are aligned with the IAT Codes of Governance and will adhere to all regulatory requirements and expectations as dictated by the IAT, despite operating as a separate organisation for a financial and organisational purposes.

The IAT therefore have the ability and has in place appropriate monitoring processes to scrutinise the activities of IAT Education and ensure that all activities are compliant with OfQual’s Conditions of Recognition.